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At H4H, we advocate for a Chrisitan education of the whole child by employing a hands-on approach to learning which integrates fundamental subjects through activities and real-world experiences Our approach centers on nurturing the entire child, interweaving Biblical principles and values into every aspect of learning. We recognize that homeschooling parents seek a method that fosters a genuine comprehension of concepts, laying the groundwork for lifelong learning, and longing for a more effective method of teaching their children that establishes meaningful connections with the outside world. Our materials accomplish this by fostering connections between ideas and concepts that bridge the gap between subject paths, creating meaningful connections to deeper educational trails. Your children will not only excel academically but also develop a profound understanding of the world and their place in it through this method. We have implemented this educational model with our own children, carrying us through to homeschooling success!

What is interdisciplinary in curriculum?


Instead of studying history, science, and literature as separate subjects, an interdisciplinary curriculum might focus on a specific historical period, exploring the scientific advancements of that time, reading literature from that era, and analyzing the social and cultural context in which these developments occurred. This approach helps students develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the subject matter.

The Difference

Subjects are not compartmentalized but rather woven together to create a more holistic understanding of a topic or theme. This approach encourages students to see the real-world applications and interconnectedness of different disciplines, mirroring how knowledge is often interconnected in the real world.

The Benefits 

Encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity as students are challenged to make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. It also reflects the complexity of the real world, where issues and challenges often require a multifaceted perspective.

The Results

Enriches learning by fostering a broader and more holistic understanding of the world, encouraging students to think beyond the boundaries of individual subjects and engage in a more integrated and meaningful educational experience.

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