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Decided to Homeschool, Now What?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

You have made a big step in giving your child an individualized and flexible education if you have chosen to homeschool. Here are the next steps to think about:

1. Research your state's or country's homeschooling laws. Some states require you to teach certain courses, register with the county school system, and follow curriculum rules. Homeschooling parents must know their legal rights.

2. Determine your child's educational needs. When establishing the homeschool curriculum, consider your child's learning preferences, interests, talents, and weaknesses. Plan your child's academic and social development.

3. Choose or write a homeschooling program. Online and offline homeschooling programs include many topics and grade levels. You can also customize a program for your child.

4. Create a homeschooling schedule. Select the best school, vacation, and other times and places. Guide your child's conduct.

5. Get support. Make homeschooling friends online or locally. Find co-ops, homeschooling groups, libraries, museums, and community centers with educational programs.

Finding your child's learning style can take time. However, homeschooling may offer your child specialized teaching, individualized attention, and freedom.

Homeschooling requires desire, dedication, and patience. Having support from experienced homeschool parents made all the difference in our homeschooling. If you are seeking direction please visit our FAQ page for guidance, wisdom, and encouragement!

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