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Educational Philosophy

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Parental Training 

As Christian parents, we are called to raise and educate our children according to God's Word. H4H believes that teaching children to live according to the Bible takes courage, prayer, grace, wisdom, and patience. This requires us as parents to raise the bar on our standards as Christians to reflect a Christ-like example. Laying a firm foundation, we all can build from to stand our ground in this backwards world. We are to train our children to become valuable contributors in society rather than becoming dependent upon it, while setting their sights on things above.

Enjoying the Nature

Biblical Training

At H4H, we strive to focus our children's strengths as well as our own. This gives us the freeing ability as homeschool parents to focus on our gifts and talents given to us by God to achieve what it is he calls us to. We believe, allowing a child to harness their strengths provides self-respect, self-confidence, and impowers children to overcome their weaknesses.  By doing so, we train children to grow in their own relationship with Jesus, knowing all things are possible with Him. Learning to depend on Jesus is an ongoing process, which allows everyone to grow in wisdom and stature with God and man.

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Individual Training

Providing children with firsthand experiences from real world applications is our first practice here at H4H. This hands-on learning environment implemented with quality educational materials blends seamlessly. Tailoring a child's education to their interest develops self-motivation and independence that encourages their ability to create the best educational fit for them.  H4H believes, by doing so, this feeds a child's natural love of learning and creates a much healthier environment for individual growth. This approach to learning provides the opportunities to meet children right where they are holistically. We are always learning, it's a God given ability we are blessed with. By keeping children's hearts and minds pliable, they can flourish beyond measure.  This is the Hearts 4 Homeschool way.  Learning is just as natural to us as breathing. An on-demand learning environment gives everyone the freedom to explore life and learning together.  It's the perfect blend that allows us to excel beyond what traditional "school" allows. H4H believes this is what real education should reflect Living our lives daily this way, brings excitement, joy, and contentment.   Creating lifelong learners, confident in who they are as individuals and in Christ.

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