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How To: Trust Your Child to Teach Themselves

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The Benefits of Allowing Your Children to Take Charge of Their Learning

This blog post discusses the significance of letting kids teach themselves and how to encourage self-directed learning. We also discuss this learning method's problems and misconceptions.

We want our kids to succeed holistically in life. These goals require education and information. Many of us find the idea of letting kids teach themselves unsettling. Parents and institutions have traditionally educated children. However, my study and homeschooling experience have demonstrated that self-directed learning may be powerful and beneficial for children to learn and grow.

Self-directed learning improves kids. It empowers kids to learn and discover their hobbies. Allowing children to choose what they learn motivates and engages them, improving retention and comprehension.

Self-directed learning can develop everyday learning skills and decision-making opportunities that ultimately benefit a child. Children must critically assess their learning goals, methods, and progress. This technique gives kids control over their learning and prepares them for life after school. See our strategies here.

Addressing Self-Directed Learning Concerns

One of the biggest worries is that kids won't learn the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Self-directed learning does not eliminate education. Instead, it empowers kids to learn at their own speed and take charge.

If left alone, kids won't learn anything. It's a myth. Balance and structure help children grow holistically. Children need time and space to learn and acquire life skills. Lifelong learners and mutual respect result. Curious kids crave for knowledge. When allowed to pursue their passions, they will learn spontaneously and retain more.


Self-directed learning can inspire lifelong learning in children and parents. By providing the correct atmosphere and resources, promoting discovery and invention, and overcoming common hurdles and misconceptions, parents can support self-directed learning. Trusting our children to teach themselves helps them become autonomous, confident, and successful learners. Check out our instructional philosophy.

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