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Welcome to Sowing Serenity, a mini devotional journal designed to guide homeschool moms on a transformative journey of inner peace and spiritual growth from a Christian perspective. In this journal, we will explore the profound concept of sowing seeds of serenity in various aspects of our lives. Just as a farmer carefully plants and tends to a seed, we, as followers of Christ, are called to sow seeds of peace, tranquility, and harmony in our hearts, minds, relationships, and in our homeschooling journey. 


Through 12 reflective prompts, prayers, and biblical wisdom, this journal aims to inspire and empower you to nurture a calm and serene spirit amidst the challenges and busyness of life. As you embark on this journey together, you will dive into the transformative power of faith, grace, love, forgiveness, and other virtues that enable us to experience the true serenity found in our relationship with God.


This simple journal for Christian homeschooling moms, is designed to inspire and support you in prayer, prompts, and purpose. This journal is a guide to finding quietness for self reflection, time with God, and inviting the Holy Spirit to engage in your life and homeschooling. Within these pages, you'll find one virtue, journal prompt, prayer, Bible verse, diary, progress chart, and a thoughts prompt per day.


I have also included 5 bonus tips from my 27 years of personal experience to help moms balance to their roles as wife, homeschooling mom, and follower of Christ. Let this journal be the connection needed to pause, to renew your strength in mind, body, and soul. 


Embrace this uniquely designed short and simple mini devotional journal, as you focus on your purpose, growth, and seeds of connections. May this Christ centered  journal draw you closer to God and together in your homeschooling.


Benefits of this journal:
*Perfect 8.5 x 11 in for ample writing space.
*Open-and-go format.
*Simple journal style design and user-friendly.
*Ready to use PDF Digital Download

*Short Mini Devotional Journal 


Journal Interior Includes:

*Introduction Page

*How to Use

*Belongs to Page

*12 Personal Journal Prompts

*12 My Daily Prayer, Bible Verse, Diary, Progress Checklist, and Thoughts Pages

*6 "What I've Learned" prompts

*3 Notes and Doodle pages

*Special H4H Bookmark

*5 Bonus Tips for Moms (my personal written experience in the roles)

*Special Certificate of Completion 

*78 pages with vintage flower style covers, color graphics, black and white pages.




  1. Faith - "How can I show my trust in God today?"
  2. Grace - "Who can I extend grace to today?"
  3. Love - "How can I show love to my family today?"
  4. Forgiveness - "Is there anyone I need to forgive today?"
  5. Patience - "How can I practice patience with my children today?"
  6. Hope - "What am I hopeful for today?"
  7. Peace - "What can I do to bring peace to my home today?"
  8. Wisdom - "What decision can I make today with wisdom?"
  9. Trust - "How can I deepen my trust in God today?"
  10. Humility - "In what ways can I practice humility today?"
  11. Joy - "What brings me joy today?"
  12. Service - "How can I serve others today?"

Sowing Serenity | Christian Homeschool Mom Devotional